Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Why This Blog

Why this blog, because once again, my own fervor is renewed having discovered that actual Iraq veterans from this war in Iraq have built a new organization and website.

When the soldiers who have courageously been there and then further have the courage to Speak Out, then I as civilian with a civilian responsibility on the homefront must continue to Speak Out as I have been doing.

I am proudly a member of Military Families Speak Out

and I believe as a civilian with a civic duty to speak on behalf of soldiers who aren't permitted a public voice, that I and other civilians in this country have an obligation, a civic duty, if you will, to speak on behalf of the soldiers serving on warfront in Iraq and Afghanistan and any other future country our President decides to wage war against.

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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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