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Military Doctor Closes Online War Diary

Military Doctor Closes Online War Diary

Wed Jan 5,12:30 PM ET

PHILADELPHIA - A military doctor whose Web site chronicled the bloody aftermath of the suicide bombing of a mess tent in Iraq (news - web sites) has shut down the site after being told his postings violated Army regulations.

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In an e-mail from Iraq on Tuesday, Maj. Michael Cohen, a doctor with the 67th Combat Support Hospital unit, said he received a written warning but was not told which Army regulations were being violated.

A short notice replaced the account on Cohen's site,

"Levels above me have ordered, yes ORDERED, me to shut down this website. They cite that the information contained in these pages violates several Army Regulations. I certainly disagree with this," it said.

On his Web log, Cohen had described the chaotic scene after the Dec. 21 mess hall bombing in which 22 people died. He reported that eventually there were more wounded than emergency room beds.

Lt. Col. Steven Boylan, a spokesman for coalition forces in Iraq, said he could not confirm the investigation into Cohen's blog. He said the Pentagon (news - web sites) allows blogs that do not disrupt unit discipline, make statements on behalf of commanders or the Army, or reveal details that could aid attackers.

"Sometimes a blog might contain subtle nuances from which you can put together a complete picture of our operations, which insurgents can use to attack us," Boylan said.

Since his blog went off-line last week, Cohen, 35, said he has received about 150 e-mails urging him to restore his account of his year as a surgeon at Forward Operating Base Marez.

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