Saturday, January 29, 2005

Platoon Sgt shot while trying to get out the vote in Iraq.

When was the last time you heard of someone being killed for doorbelling to get out the vote? And this is what our troops mission in Iraq has become, door knocking to get out the vote, and risking being shot for their efforts?

"On campaign trail, a single shot
Before sniper struck, platoon leader was encouraging Iraqis to vote"

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MSNBC - On campaign trail, a single shot


Mark said...

Just wanted to say I like the blog. It is important for military families to continue to speak out against the Bush machine. My prayers to your family in Iraq...I hope they come home soon and safe.

Lietta Ruger said...

Thank you, Mark, for leaving a comment, and thank you for your prayers as well. I do get thank you's from people, civilians and some military families for my efforts to speak out, but far more of the other kind of comments prevail. I appreciate that you took time to post a comment, it helps....truly.

President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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