Monday, February 07, 2005

Comedians Visit War Wounded at Walter Reed

We could sure use more of this kind of positive support for troop morale. The story is a "feel good" story, and while I normally look past these kinds of stories as part of the propaganda machine, this one is a real story about real humans connecting with other real humans and trying to do something humane. Notice please that Sandler encounters a young soldier missing both legs and an arm and that is only what is reported. Would mean a blast of some kind and the head injury impact and damage from a human being blasted is still unreported "news".

Comedians Visit War Wounded at Walter Reed
By Michael E. Dukes
Army News Service
February 04, 2005

WASHINGTON - If laughter is the best medicine, then dozens of recovering troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center received an extra dose Feb. 3 as funny man Adam Sandler and fellow comedy actor Rob Schneider stopped by to say hello.

During the USO-sponsored visit, the actors met with Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen recovering from wounds inflicted while the troops were serving in Iraq or Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Sandler seemed at a loss for words after patients asked him what happened to his foot, as they looked down at the brace on his right foot. After a short hesitation, he smiled and said, "It's me that's supposed to ask you guys what happened." But, he then told them that he hurt it while playing basketball and said it was nothing. "I've got flat feet."

Sandler and Schneider both said they were impressed to see how energetic and positive the patients were. They watched in amazement when one physical therapy patient stood up from his wheelchair and took a few steps to talk to them. They were amazed because the patient was standing on two prosthetic C-legs and was missing an arm — but his mended injuries didn't stop him from slowly walking his way to see the visitors.

Sandler broke the silence and said, "Man look at you! That walker you're using looks like something a grandma would use." He shook his head, winked an eye and laughed, "But you look pretty good for a grandma," he said while putting his hand on the patient's shoulder.

After the ice-breaking comment, the smiling patient seemed to open up to Sandler and Schneider. He told them that he really like their recent movie "50 First Dates." They thanked him and talked about how much fun it was to film in Hawaii. They also discussed the young man's hometown and family.

Once the word was out that the comedians were in the hospital's physical therapy clinic, patients from the wards and throughout the hospital began showing up asking to see the visitors.

The two celebrities posed for countless photos with patients and staff. They gave patients autographed promotional photos and copies of their DVD "50 First Dates." They also handed out autographed hats and T-shirts from their upcoming movie "The Longest Yard."

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