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Army Still Misses Recruiting Targets

Much as I'd like to find a way to make those neat and tidy short entries to this blog; equally it concerns me how information on the troops has tendency to 'disappear' fairly quickly after it comes to light. Here is another article, comprehensive and worth reading if you are among those concerned about the very distinct possibility of something resembling a more 'official' draft in the near offing.

As for me, of course I don't want to see a draft, ie, 1960's, as I've already lived that history, having my own then young husband drafted and sent to Vietnam. And no I don't want to see more young sent into carnage and destruction in Iraq. Yet, equally, what of the troops already there stretched thin beyond human limits? Who will give them relief? How will they perform their impossible assigned missions with troop shortages? How efficient is a military command without the 'bodies' to deploy?

And this same nation who voted for war in re-electing this President, using all the shallow patriotism slogans....maybe it's your turn now to step up to the plate....send yours, bring mine home. Mine already served, mine are up for 2nd deployments to Iraq in a few short months.

Let's spread the wealth, redistribute the call to patriotic duty to the wider masses, and where are all those republican families who believe we need this war in Iraq when it comes time to send their own young? These are my sarcastic thoughts, which goes to my sense of anger, hurt and betrayal at how the troops are being so badly misused and left to carry the burden of combat without the support of the nation they are supposedly defending. Support the troops; send your own. No? God forbid; then decide, America, are we in a war and at war and a 'just war' or are we jockeying position to save face for all the empty political rhetoric and posturing that took this nation into war and an Administration that has acknowledged it will be a war to go on for years and years?

Who will fight this ongoing years and years war if recruitment continues to be on the decline....seriously in decline? Our dwindling assigned troops who have been conscripted through back door draft policies using 'under the radar' strategies to avoid a publicly known need for something to ameliorate the troop shortage won't live on to fight another day indefinitely. Is the philosophy to fight on till the last man is left standing?

What are the solutions? What are the questions? Where is the authentic dialogue to address the realities of assigning our country and their young to years and years of war in Iraq, in the Middle East? You tell me; I really want to know as our family endures yet another 2nd deployment of our young loved ones to Iraq. Answer to this military family and challenge my patriotism for daring to speak in concern for our troops and loved ones; will you put your own where you have mouthed the platitudes? Will you slap a yellow magnet on your vehicle and march your youngsters down to the recuriting stations? Will you turn a blind eye as the schools make your student a potential target to recruitment? No!?

Then why should my loved ones still be there?

Lietta Ruger, military brat, military family of Vietnam-era, military family in this questionable war in Iraq.

Read the Article here Army Still Misses Recruiting Targets

Army Still Misses Recruiting Targets

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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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