Sunday, April 03, 2005

Conversations with U.S. Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital; C-Span

Last night I watched a C-Span special; Conversations with U.S. Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. A reporter was given permission to interview 4 amputee soldiers in rehabilitation treatment services at the hospital. The interviews were conversational and permitted adequate time for the soldiers to expand on their answers, which included how were you wounded; how were you treated; how is it going with the prosthetic and rehabilitation; are you angry; what will you do next.

I don't know the background in how the reporter was given access to interview inside the hospital, nor the process for which soldiers the reporter was permitted to interview. However, the 4 soldiers that were interviewed suffered devastating injuries and all 4 are amputees with loss of limbs; Cpl. Michael Oreskovic, Major Tammy Duckworth, First Lt. Erasmos Valles, and Sgt. Manuel Mendoza Valencia in their own words, provide a good cross-section of thoughts and opinions about the war, their injuries, their experience, their recuperation and rehabilitation, their comrades, their hopes for their own futures.

I don't want to add my opinion, more wanted to point out that these poignant conversations are available at C-Span in streaming video with audio. Recommending.

see and hear streaming video at C-SPAN

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