Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Making of the Twenty-First-Century Soldier Esquire:Feature Story:

This was an interesting read, and a bit too long to place it all as blog entry. Using just a couple of paragraphs from the article below. I recommend this article as it chronicles a mid-twenties man's path into the recruiting office and from there off to Iraq. The writing and language seems to be that of a mid-twenties aged man and it is a captivating read.

The Making of the Twenty-First-Century Soldier

In which a dope-smoking, valet-parking skateboarder living at home makes his way into the infantry, and into Iraq

By Colby Buzzell
March 2005, Volume 143, Issue 3

.....snipped all of article except last 2 paragraphs

AT FORT BENNING, Georgia, I had a drill sergeant who would yell the words "He lied!" every time a private would start a sentence off with, "But drill sergeant, my recruiter told me..."

When I signed the dotted line on my contract it said something about how I was obligated to spend eight years in the inactive reserve after I got out. When I asked my recruiter about this, he was like, "Hey, don't worry, every contract says that." He explained that this would kick in only if World War Three broke out and the North Koreans were lobbing nukes at us.

He lied.

read at Esquire:Feature Story:The Making of the Twenty-First-Century Soldier (Part1)

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