Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It is noteable; and Away for next 10 days

Just to leave a bookmark here that I'm away for next 10 days or so, and if no new entries in the blog, it does not mean blog has gone inactive.

It's noteable to note that a movement is growing regarding deceptive recruitment practices and in some ways I am hopeful as this engenders a different segment of the population who will have a diffferent focus and entry point into a position on the war in Iraq.

It's noteable that mainstream news is beginning to report again on aspects of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. While it's not 'new' news to me and in some instances months and months outdated news (to me), it's heartening to see msm take an interest again, for whatever that is worth.

It's noteable that activity is heating up again in Afghanistan, and I'm seeing more deaths of our troops being reported in Afghanistan. I get the daily updates of reported casualties via the subscription to DOD newsletters.

It's noteable that it appears the situation in Iraq is at a place of their own internal civil war now, with our troops being pretty much caught up in an undefined role; one that is still costing them their lives.

It's noteable that the potential for crisis with the threat of an unwarranted airplane in the airspace of the Capitol caused notification to all of our political people to evacuate the buildings with the exception of one rather significant or insignificant person, our President, George Bush. You be the judge, as he didn't get the notification while he was on his bicycle jaunt, and we are told was not aware or made aware of the 'potential' of threat. This followed on the heels of the unexploded grenade left in close-by vicinity to where he was speaking in Georgia, Russia.
Neither he nor his Secret Police (why do they call it Secret Police, it's not a secret?) seemed to be aware of the 'threat'. But then we hear it from the msm as news, who knows anymore the accuracy of what gets reported. One thing is for sure, whatever does get reported is an agenda for someone guided to 'guide' our reactions and responses.

It is noteable that there is now a pattern of the weekly 'flap' or 'crisis' reported in the news, we can count on a new weekly 'crisis' now as part of normalcy. The trouble is, that what is reported is either manufactured news; approved for release news; the accepted 'spin' on old news or new news; whatever............... for our troops, normalcy continues to be daily combat, daily casualties, daily losses. You'd think that after this long with no clear improved circumstances, the troops might come to believe our country has abandoned them.

It is noteable that of a sudden there is news of devaluing the sacred Koran; like that was already an ogoing practice in our country's 'vigorous interrogation' policies. My, my but Administration was offended and demanded an apology and retraction from Newsweek, who reported on it. This from a country that elevates it's own counterpart of the holy book, the Bible as sacred political policy now, provided one interprets Biblical scripture in accordance with official policy. Why, we even have political firefights over iconoclasts symbology in our public buildings. Meanwhile, the squandering of sacred life goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So it's One, Two, Three, Four, what are we fighting for, next stop is ...............

And in the noteable words of the now California Governor, Schwatzernegger, 'I'll be back' .

And I know when I get back to this blog, I'll still be recording on the continued dying of our troops along with civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Happy Days, America, grab your hula hoops, tend to your manicured lawns, watch that nest-egg, pinch in the belt as we watch a way of life dissolve in the good governing policies this administration has fostered and nurtured in some far-reaching wisdom few can yet see, understand, comprehend or grasp. Change is definitely on the march and history is being made. As long as it's happening over there and not here, we are that much safer, isn't that the jingoism of our patriotic endeavors these days?

Hey Moms and Dads, Hey Young Adults, it's getting time to support the troops with your own loved ones cause well, our country has done an outstanding job of pushing our military to the breaking point. Get on board and help the troops. If that's not attractive to you, then get on board and get our troops home and put an end to this fiasco.

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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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