Friday, July 29, 2005

100 a month, US Soldiers killed in Iraq

Just my own simple math here, since I keep this blog updated with number of US troops killed in Iraq.

From Mother's Day to Father's Day (May to June 2005) I had to change the number up by 100.

From June to July, I had to change the number up by 90.

That is just the most recent 2 month period.

Approaching 1,800 US troops killed in Iraq, within matter of days now. At this rate, another one hundred killed by August 2005, another one hundred killed by September 2005, so by Sept will have reached another benchmark figure of 2,000 US troops killed in Iraq.

Of course, that doesn't reflect all the coalition troops killed in Iraq, and now that the Iraq army in training is part of the 'coalition' (it is, isn't it?)..... Seemingly, counting killed families of insurgents, terrorists, suicide bombers are irrelevant (those children, old women, mothers who just happen to be in the way must be categorized with some kind of demonizing label, innocent wouldn't do). Wanted to make a brief note in the blog.


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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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