Friday, August 05, 2005

8/3/2005 By Kimberly Johnson and Bill Nichols, USA TODAY

Marines have placed corrugated armored plates on the outside of the vehicle that are capable of withstanding ammunition of up to .50-caliber. Some Marines are putting sandbags on the floor for added protection.

Improvised explosive attacks against the vehicles occur on almost every operation, according to officers leading an Amtrac company attached to RCT 2.

Since March, the company has lost eight of its 46 Amtracs because of IED attacks, said Marine Capt. Justin Wilhelmsen, executive officer of the unit.

U.S. Marines inspect the remains of a vehicle destroyed by a roadside bomb Wednesday, killing 14 Marines and a civilian interpreter in Barwana, near Haditha, Iraq, Aug. 4, 2005. (AP Photo/Jacob Silberberg) Posted by Picasa

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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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