Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lietta in Crawford helping out with Cindy

I left the PDX airport around 11:00 and went to bed at 2:00 a.m.
She arrived in Dalls 5:30 a.m. (CST) and promptly called me to say she'd arrived safely -forgetting that it was only 3:30 P.M. in Wests Coast and I'd been asleep only 90 minutes.

WeBeBlue got to Crawford around 9:00 and immediately put to work mostly taking media calls. She says anyone their is definitely "second fiddle" for the media who all want exclusive interviews and/or time with Cindy.

She says they're all frustrated but content if they can't talk directly to Cindy to get updates from the different "surrogates" returning calls, answering messages, etc. on Cindy's behalf.

Although intellectually aware of the primitive or rural environment she had entered, she was somewhat surprised when given a child's pup-tent for sleeping. Later today, with the arrival of more supporters including a larger contingent of MFSO members, she found herself the beneficiary of a larger group tent which made it more tolerable.

Apparently no or limited facilities for personal needs (she did not even mention a port-a-potty which, based on her description of what the attitude of owners of the private property might be, would be something perhaps to which they would object.

She also says that the only real face to face action is on-going dialogue with the county law enforcers and discussions about tires totally off the highway, arrest and jail time if the trespass laws are violated and the firm but respectful manner of the sheriff and his deputies.

Says that the Secret Service presence is never forgotten but that they are only seen when cars with tinted windows drive by. "You can tell who the S.S. guys are since their cars are the only ones with tinted windows.

Says tomorrow looks to be absolutely major media exposure time in terms of interviews and meetings with press.

Also confirmed the rumor of a midnight rousting(which might be happening even as I type this.)

Cindy is holding up very well and seems to be such an incredible magnet amont the group which, did not seem to number more than a maximum of 100 bodies (half of which were media folk) throughout the day.

They are for the most part functioning on news items passed to them from sources like us via cell phone and wireless gadgets. She did ask me to keep the TV on news channels and pass on any pertinent news we saw. I was interested that she had no idea about the current Bonnie and Clyde drama that temporarily upstaged most of the other news.

I got quite frustrated with two TV's playing (one on MSNBC and the other on CNN) and absolutely tired of how they were picking the Bonny and Clyde storie to detailed pieces. Almost as if you could tell they'd rather stay on that story than venture out to where they might have to do a direct or related piece on Cindy.

Anyway, one of our own is on location and despite the shock and awe of primitive rural Texas, believes she had been given a wonderful opportunity and that she is having an adventure.

I'll talk with her again in the morning.

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