Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ohio Marine group To Return Service Medal To Bush In Protest

Several Marines plan to return their War on Terrorism service medal to President Bush.... where have I seen this happen before? Can you say Vietnam Veterans?

Sgt. Matthew Bee, a decorated Akron Marine who spent seven months in Hadeetha, received six medals of commendation. He will give one back to President Bush, calling the medal 'political'.

The medal is the War on Terrorism service medal, and Bee calls it "eye candy" from Bush."So, he took something noble and honorable and made it kind of dirty. And I always thought that medal was the one he pinned on us and said, 'This is my war. This is my stamp in history,'" said Bee.

Bee said he is not anti-war, but rather pro-peace.
He plans to travel to Washington, D.C., with a small group of Marines who feel the same way he does. They will all try to return their War on Terrorism medal to Bush personally or to members of Congress. - Akron-Canton News - Local Marine To Return Service Medal To Bush In Protest

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President George W. Bush's statement in March 2006 after 3 yrs of war "a future President will have to resolve war in Iraq"


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