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Military Times coverage of Walter Reed controversy - it goes deeper and deeper

First they go through the meat grinder of combat and an unclear mission with an unclear 'enemy'. Then they return 'home' and go through another meat grinder in obtaining medical care, facilities and services. Why oh why do I hear the deja vue bells of Vietnam era tolling in my head. We love our veterans - yeah right - and we support them - yeah right, when it serves a political agenda - yeah sure those yellow magnets of public support have gone a long way to being of substanative help to our returning veterans. We care about our troops. Yeah right - well let's see what these Hearings produce and let's see how America reacts and responds this time around...

Oh, I'm not shocked, not at all. You see, as military families, we know, oh do we know and many of us, well about 3,200 of us have been trying so hard to speak out and call attention to how our loved ones are being treated - rather, I should say left untreated.

With a shout out of thanks to Chad (the left) Shue at his blog, I bring forth to my own blog only one of the items Chad referenced in his blog. Please also refer to and read Chad's blog.

from the Army Times;

Military Times coverage of the controversy at Walter Reed

Posted : Friday Mar 2, 2007 18:54:42 EST

Francis Harvey, caught under the giant shadow cast by the controversy over outpatient care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, resigned today as secretary of the Army, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced Friday afternoon at the Pentagon.

Read all Military Times coverage about Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

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Here is another blogger report at Pacific Views on Walter Reed titled, ' Conservative Ideology Responsible for Walter Reed Mess' and that title is not without merit.

Another blogger at Upper Left uses title 'Bush's Second Katrina'. I'd go further and say it was already Bush's Katrina before Hurricane Katrina took out New Orleans. The stories of troops going with inadequate to no medical care date back to the first year of Iraq and have continually surfaced in media reports in the years that followed. It didn't take much digging to find out what was going on, and I'm relieved that the story is breaking and bringing forth the tenacles of the underpinnings as to why such abuses of returning wounded troops were permitted and tolerated in the first place.

There are more who have blogged this story and I want to call attention to the gift of blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer who provides the Topic Hotlist tool that permits me to see what the Northwest bloggers have to say on topics relating to Iraq. Oh, I should clarify that to be the progressive NW bloggers.

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